Adapting To The New Normal In Sales with Steve Benson

In this episode of the Selling in Asia podcast, Tom Abbott sits down with Steve Benson Founder and CEO of Badger Maps. A time management software that helps sales reps optimise their routes and be on time. He was Google Enterprise’s top sales executive in 2009 and is the host of the Outside Sales Talk podcast. Join them as they mull over topics such as the new normal in sales, how to present and sell using zoom and how to continue to move prospects along the pipeline in challenging times like these. Also read:

The New Normal In Sales

As a result of COVID-19, organisations need to reshape their offerings to meet changing customers needs. Now more than ever, sales teams are perfectly placed to be a catalyst of change within their firms and determine where innovation needs to occur to meet the changing marketplace. However, as the physical distance between us and our prospects expands – it’s imperative to close the gap. We need to change the way we negotiate in the digital era. Our economies are unstable, and some of us are living on a day-to-day basis. Our potential customers’ risk-tolerance hovers above none, and they now require immediate aggressive priority setting to feel comfortable.

Presenting & Selling With Zoom | The New Normal In Sales

Progressing Prospects Through Your Pipeline In Challenging Times

More About Steve Benson

Connect with Steve Benson on LinkedIn and visit Badger Maps to learn more about his field sales solution. Mention you heard him on the Selling in Asia podcast to enjoy 20%.

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