Diagnose before Prescribing

Excerpt taken from our online sales training platform SOCO Academy.

Ever talked yourself out of a sale? There’s a good chance you weren’t listening to your customer.

Too many people think it’s their role to do all of the talking so they can sell their product or service. In reality what ends up happening is they talk themselves out of the sale because they don’t know what’s important to the customer.

When you listen and diagnose first you can then sell and prescribe based on what is the most important to your customer.

In this video clip from our newly launched e-learning platform Soco Academy, I share how to do just that. Diagnose before prescribing.

Many of us make the mistake of trying to sell our products or services before fully understanding our prospects’ most pressing challenges. This is like your doctor handing you a prescription before taking the time to fully understand your symptoms! Can you imagine that happening? Of course not.

Following the same logic, then, you wouldn’t promote your products and services to customers before you had a clear idea of what they need and what their problems really are.

Diagnose before Prescribing

Here’s a great question to start with: What’s the #1 challenge you’re facing? Simply ask this question, listen and take notes. People are more than happy to share with you what’s not working and what their problems are. Because very few people even ask this question, you’ll come across as a professional and as someone who genuinely cares about them.

I’ll ask YOU the same question. What’s YOUR #1 challenge in selling? If you could sit down with me for a coffee (or beer), what’s the #1 question you would ask me? Please leave a reply in the comments below, and share your #1 challenge in selling.

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