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Sales Skills

Sales is a skill that needs to be practiced, learnt and developed to be successful. In our sales skills articles, you can find the essential strategies all sales professionals, business development representatives and agents need to implement.

The Importance of Becoming a Lifelong Learner

Markets, industries, and trends are constantly changing, becoming a complex and competitive landscape only worsened by ever-increasing digitalization and globalization. For many professionals, their job competition continually expands, leaving many wondering how to stand apart and stay on top of all these moving parts. Most don’t realize employers look for skills rather than checking your

The Importance of Becoming a Lifelong Learner Read More »

4 Tips To Improve Room Sales | Hotel & Event Sales Training

Challenges Facing Hotel & Event Sales Managers SOCO/ Sales has delivered multiple hotel sales training sessions for dozens of properties across Asia. With a particular focus on increasing team knowledge and application skills to increase room sales. Over time, we noticed all hotel sales managers face similar challenges – particularly the need to sell many rooms each

4 Tips To Improve Room Sales | Hotel & Event Sales Training Read More »

Getting Your Foot In The Door with Prospects

“Getting Your Foot in the Door with Prospects” by Tom Abbott, Soho Sales Coaching on pages 52-53 of the Oct-Dec 2010 edition of The Singapore Marketer Before I started coaching sales managers and delivering in-house sales training, I was a top-performing financial services agent. Well, I wasn’t always a top-performer…and I certainly didn’t start out

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