Using Stories to Demonstrate Value

When trying to sell a product or service you could either tell your prospect how great it is or you could tell them a true story of how it improved someone’s life or business.

Lets take a tech company for an example, the salesperson could either say our software increases productivity or they could share the story of one of their past clients who after implementing their system reduced workload by X and saved the company Y.

An insurance agent could share how having insurance allowed 1 family to get their loved one the best treatment available and gave them the financial freedom to spend valuable time with them when they needed it.

It’s easy to see which would be more effective.

Stories are too often overlooked as a powerful selling tool. Dr. Howard Gardner says it best “Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”

using stories for sales training

I invite you and your team to think about what stories can be used to demonstrate the value proposition of your product or service. Sit together at a team meeting and have everyone share stories and examples they share with their customers. I’m sure everyone will walk away with several stories they can start using when demonstrating your product or service to prospects.

This is exactly what I did while I was delivering sales training for a company in Singapore the other week. I asked them to incorporate stories and examples when trying to get buy in whether it’s from their peers or from customers.

Sales training Singapore

I hope you will start using stories more effectively in your sales presentations.

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