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Motivational Speaker thailand
Motivational Speaker thailand

As a motivational speaker, I travel all around the world to deliver keynotes and talks at kickoff events and company gatherings. Thailand is one of those places that when the enquiry comes in, I’m always a little more eager to speak at the event. What’s not to love: sun, sand and sea. Mix that in with one of the many great resorts in the area, and Thailand ends up being a great destination for kickoff events, company incentive trips and team building sessions.

I’ve spoken all across Thailand including Phuket and Bangkok. I often get asked to speak as a motivational speaker in Thailand because of Singapore’s close proximity to the holiday island and when companies are bringing together teams from across Asia or the world, they are often looking for a native English speaker that has experience talking to a global audience.

The most important part of finding a speaker for a global audience who’s first language might not be English is their ability to articulate. Not only does the speaker need to speak clearly, they also need to speak slowly and avoid jargon the audience might not understand. Tie that in with over the top gestures, images and body language and the audience is usually able to understand the stories I am trying to get across: to be confident, to be determined and to not let anything stop them. These messages transcend all cultures around the world.

Motivational Speaker in Thailand
Motivational Speaker Thailand – Tom Abbott

During my most recent motivational talk in Thailand for a technologies firm based in Michigan, USA, I was challenged to motivate the audience to reach their new targets and to have the right mindset for success. The participants flew in from all over Asia, and while many of them had never met each other before, I know they left with a feeling of unity and the desire to make 2018 their best year yet.

motivational speaker thailand testimonial
Motivational Speaker Thailand testimonial

It was an honour to get an unsolicited testimonial from my most recent client giving praise to how I engaged the global audience and had local knowledge.

To learn more about the kind of motivational talks I deliver in Thailand and around the world, visit my motivational speaker page.

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