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Learn how to increase sales through our regularly updated sales training videos covering everything from prospecting, building rapport, presenting solution, closing and social selling. Brought to you by SOCO Sales Training’s founder, Tom Abbott.

It happened twice that week. I received calls from two very different organizations (one providing surgical devices to hospitals and the other offering IT solutions to SMEs) looking for help building a sales culture. My response was very much the same, “You already have a sales culture.” After a short pause on the telephone, I […]

Having conversations with prospects to discover their greatest challenges, why and how they buy, whom they buy from, and what solutions they’re looking for. It’s so common for entrepreneurs to develop products and services they’re certain will appeal to their customers. The only problem is, they never bothered to ask their customers first! Before investing […]

Studying your Competitors: Studying companies that sell similar products to help you determine if they have a competitive advantage or disadvantage. Your competition has a strong influence on your sales strategy. In fact, acquiring knowledge about your competitors can actually help develop and increase your overall product knowledge. Prospects often ask about competing businesses, so […]

Are you taking personal responsibility for your sales results? Blaming an economic downturn for a decrease in business leads to the logic of crediting an economic upturn for an increase in business. I’m an eternal optimist in that I believe the future is something we can control despite challenging economic times. We cannot control what […]