How To Talk To Prospects & Have Effective Sales Conversations

how to talk to prospects
Having Conversations with Prospects

All salespeople know that the key to getting the sale is having effective sales conversations with prospects. We use this time as a vital opportunity to discover their most significant challenges, why and how they buy, whom they buy from, and what solutions they so painfully need. However, the problem is that 44% of buyers report that the primary reason they don’t enjoy meeting with salespeople is that salespeople have an agenda and the buyer feels pressured. Well, how did this happen? Sadly, It’s so common for entrepreneurs to develop products and services they’re sure will appeal to their customers. The only problem is, they never bothered to ask their customers first! Before investing any more time and money promoting products that you love, find out what your customers love. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how to talk to prospects to help match your solution to their problem. 

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How To Talk To Prospects

1. Ask provocative questions

We’re not talking about asking your prospect whether they prefer Coke or Pepsi. In fact, a provocative question can be deeply insightful about your prospect’s needs while simultaneously breaking the ice. So what is it? A provocative question uncovers prospect’s pain points that need addressing immediately. Therefore this stimulates the discussion and forces the prospect to think deeply – and ultimately consider if you’re the person to help them solve it! You could almost consider it an unconscious conceptual agreement. Examples of provocative questions include;

  • What are the greatest challenges you face?
  • Are you overcoming those challenges now?
  • How are you trying to overcome those challenges?
  • Are you satisfied with how my competitors are servicing you?
  • What other solutions are you looking for?

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2. Build Rapport

As the saying goes, ‘People do business with people they know, like and trust’. So, of course, you need to build rapport – and quickly. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use your customer’s name and, probably more critically, know how to pronounce it! It helps you connect with them because they feel heard, and well, people love the sound of their names. However, make sure to use their name naturally in the conversation – otherwise, you’ll come off as indigenous.

3. Be confident

You need to be confident in yourself and the solution you are selling. More so, showing confidence in the product you’re selling will definitely positively influence the potential customer’s perception.

4. Talk less, listen more

Too many sales professionals think they need to do all of the talking when meeting with prospects. What ends up happening is that they dominate the conversation, leaving little time for the prospect to share anything about themselves or what they’re looking for.

The result is usually the salesperson talking themselves out of the sale.

Instead, sales professionals need to ask more questions. Ask the prospect what they’re looking for, what they’ve tried before? What worked, what didn’t work? What is the outcome you’re trying to achieve? Then listen. Listen intently. Active listening, not just waiting for your chance to jump in and sell.

Once you have all of the information, you can make an informed recommendation on what product or service is the best for them.

How To Talk To Prospects

5. Prepare to succeed

It’s simple. Do your research before you sit down with a prospect to talk so that you can plan precisely what you need to achieve from it – making you far more likely to get the outcome you want.

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