Are You Living Your Best Life Now?

Reality check time. 

Can you start living your best life now? 

Too many people put off what is truly important to them to one uncertain day in the future. Instead, why don’t we focus on one small change that can bring us closer to our long term goals while also enjoying the here and now.

I’d love to know what is one thing you can start doing more of or less of that will make you happier NOW? #mondaymotivation

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Living Your Best Now

What are you working towards? What’s your ultimate goal? You know I hear so many people say I’m working towards giving my family a better future and that’s great. But what about now? What about the present? Does your family need you now with their life and your life be better if you spent more quality time together now?

You know, I work very hard to give my family nice homes to send my boys to a good school and to be able to afford all the vacations we take. And believe me, we take a lot. But you know what? None of that would matter if I never got to spend quality time with them. And if when I was home I was always on my phone and never truly present. In the end, nice things don’t matter and your family won’t appreciate your hard work if you’re never around to give them what they truly want which is quality time with you. So I want you to think about if you’re actually achieving your real goals.

Can you start living your best life now?

I’m here in Malaysia hitting the driving range with my family. And there is nothing more satisfying than spending quality time with my family. So I hope that you are living your best life. Your best present, your best here and now. And not just living for the future.

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