3 Easy Ways To Increase Sales Team Productivity with Colin Boyd

We all know that salespeople are busy juggling scheduling appointments, replying to quotation requests, and meeting with prospects – but how can we improve? In this expert interview, Tom Abbott sits down with friend and productivity expert Colin Boyd. Join them as they discuss three ways to be more productive in our days and increase sales team productivity

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3 easy ways to increase sales team productivity | The structure of focus

Our brain can only really process one complex task at a time. However, it’s also supposed to be distracting. In other words, we notice things in our peripheral vision to keep us alive. In prehistoric days it was the sabre tooth tiger that was going to jump out and kill us. Now that sabre tooth tiger is a mobile phone beeping with text messages, Facebook notifications and endless emails.

So, Colin designed the structure of focus – a set of limitations set to aid the part of our brain called the reticular activation system with productivity. Check out these three easy ways to increase sales team productivity below.

It’s almost like they’re swimming against the current – they’ve jumped into the water, and they’re swimming the wrong way. They’re getting exhausted, and they’re not seeing the results.

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1. Provide a clear task

The first step in increasing your sales team’s productivity is encouraging your sales reps to set clear, specific and essential goals for the day. Moreover, these objectives need to be very specific. Why? Because there’s a part of our brain called the reticular activation system, the area responsible for goal-setting, and it expects a specific outcome. For example, suppose you don’t set a particular outcome. In that case, it will get distracted by another outcome, whether that be checking your Facebook, LinkedIn, and emails.

2. Set a fixed-timeframe

The second way to increase sales team productivity is actually to set a timeframe. Too often, we sit down at our desks, and we think I’ve got eight hours of work today. However, if you encourage your sales team to think about it from the sense of “from now, I have 30 minutes to finish this task. That’s it.” They now have a structured timeframe that helps them stay focused.

3. Encourage distraction-free environments

The third and final way to increase sales team productivity is to encourage a distraction-free environment. Ultimately, this will help your sales team get into the hustle flow and enter a deep focus state.

The daily output booster tool

Have you ever finished the day, and you’re not sure what you got done? The daily booster output tool (DBO) is a one-page cheat sheet to maximize your days’ productivity by organizing your to-do list.

Ultimately, this tool will get you into a routine of prioritizing effectively. Additionally, you’ll start to make room for notes that you can transfer into the next day – streamlining your processes even more. Overall, the tool helps you to create a clean process with the bigger picture in mind.

You can learn more about Colin Boyd and the daily output booster tool here.

More about Colin Boyd

Colin is obsessed with helping experts and entrepreneurs sell from the stage in a non-pushy or sleazy way. He keynotes at conferences around the world on topics such as persuasive communication and selling ideas. Colin is a Certified Speaking Professional, and his clients include Coca Cola, Suncorp, Fuji Xerox, and Hewlett Packard. He runs high-level mastermind programs for speakers and content creators. He also delivers his signature program, Sell From Stage Academy®, which helps people turn every presentation into a money-making machine.

When I think about productivity – it’s about how you swim with the current.


Whether you believe you will fail or succeed – you’re right.

The secret to success in sales starts with having the right mindset.

You need to learn how to stay motivated when the economy slows down, when customers say no and when things aren’t going their way.

It’s often a strong sense of internal motivation that separates the top performers from the underachievers, which is why we consider mindset to be the foundation of sales excellence.

In this course, Mindset For Sales Success, we cover everything from common pitfalls to avoid when managing remote teams to effective communication and remote team and methods of keeping staff motivated when they’re working from home.

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