Sales Skills

Sales is a skill that needs to be practiced, learnt and developed to be successful. Therefore, in this section, you can find the essential sales skills all sales professionals, business development representatives and agents need to implement.

2020 forced businesses to change to match the turbulent wave of unprecedented events rapidly. With work and life environments turned on their head, 2020 quickly exposed many sales professionals’ skill gaps – critical selling skills they didn’t think they needed just months before.

As 2021 continues to bring change and the need to adapt, companies need to enable their sales teams to evolve their sales strategies to change time. Sales teams can no longer get by with just having basic sales skills.

In Sales Skills, you can find everything from negotiating, prospecting, qualifying, and even just communicating  – we have something for everyone to learn.

Our complete sales training system

SOCO’s complete training system ensures that you and your team will outlast short-term goals by developing long-term selling behaviours.
The SOCO® Selling™ methodology is implemented by multitudes of industry-leading companies around the world. Including UOB, SingTel, Spotify, ZenDesk, Millennium Hotels and Maersk, to name a few.
Whether you have a sales team of one or one thousand, our program is designed to get your sales staff trained quickly and efficiently. 
Learn today & implement effective techniques tomorrow!

Social Media Fundamentals: Part 1 of 2

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Getting Your Foot In The Door with Prospects

“Getting Your Foot in the Door with Prospects” by Tom Abbott, Soho Sales Coaching on pages 52-53 of the Oct-Dec 2010 edition of The Singapore Marketer Before I started coaching sales managers and delivering in-house sales training, I was a top-performing financial services agent. Well, I wasn’t always a top-performer…and I certainly didn’t start out …

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Weekly Sales Performance Improvement Plan Template For Reps

Chances are you’re here because you’re worried about your (team’s) sales performance. If you’re the former, you’ve probably heard of the dreaded sales performance improvement plan as a bad omen. Yet, it doesn’t deserve this reputation. While it’s true that some sales PIPs often prelude termination in extreme cases, it’s not the purpose. Rather a …

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