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The world of sales can prove challenging and at times, intimidating. It’s little wonder that many salespeople find themselves approaching the close of a sale with an almost apologetic attitude. There’s a difference between using a soft close and simply giving the customer an easy out. Fortunately, there’s a simple yet powerful technique that can […]

You have a lead, but are they a good fit for your product or service? Are you even talking to the right person to be able to make a sale? This is where the BANT sales methodology comes in. What does BANT mean in sales? BANT is a sales qualifying methodology used to determine the […]

Excerpt taken from our online sales training platform SOCO Academy. Many of us make the mistake of trying to sell our products or services before fully understanding our prospects’ most pressing challenges. This is like your doctor handing you a prescription before taking the time to fully understand your symptoms! Can you imagine that happening? […]

I work with organisations all the time with decent size sales teams that don’t use a sales playbook. They have superstar sales reps who out perform the others, while some continue to struggle and no one really knows why some perform better than others. The new hires they add to the team are left to […]

Good vs Bad Salesperson from Tom Abbott, CSP Not all salespeople have the qualities it takes to become a top performer. There are certain traits which separate the top performers from the bottom. Here’s your cheat sheet to the qualities of a good versus a bad salesperson. Also Read: How to Create a Sales Playbook […]

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get more clients is to ask your existing ones for referrals. It’s easy, yet most people don’t do this one easy step which is just asking. Today I want you to think about who can you ask for a referral. If you ask 5 people today, I […]