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Now is not the time to wait for things to get better, now is the time to double your efforts. Things are changing fast around the world and we frankly don’t know how long all of this is going to last. But there’s something that we do know for sure, it’s that in times like […]

I know many of you out there are struggling, feeling down and unmotivated. Things aren’t easy now, but it will get better. The thing is, waiting for things to get better is not the answer, here’s what is. Learn how to stay motivated in tough times with SOCO Academy’s Attitude Advantage course. Take care guys!

In this episode, we have Geana Barbosa, Head of New Business Asia at LinkedIn Sales Solutions to discuss how sales professionals can navigate the ever-evolving sales landscape with LinkedIn and what they need to do to build and grow their LinkedIn profile. Connect with Geana Barbosa on LinkedInLearn more about Sales Navigator and the solutions […]

What do you do when your customer has a budget of only $2,000 – or they say they only have a budget of $2,000 – and your product sells for $2,500. What do you do? Do you drop the price $500 to match their budget and give them a discount? Most people would, right? Wrong. […]

If your business enters into negotiations with customers, clients or other businesses, training your employees on different negotiation tactics can be very important. One of the tactics you may want to instill into your employees is a win-win negotiation tactic. Win-win negotiations are a type of tool that can benefit both parties who are negotiating, […]

Stalled negotiations are frustrating for both parties involved. The person you’re trying to close a deal with isn’t budging, and you’re getting tired of it. But what if there was a way to get around this? Overcoming a negotiation that just isn’t going anywhere is easy with a few simple steps.  1. Get Rid of […]

I recently spoke at a regional sales meeting in Cambodia for a multi-national company, a no.2 company in their industry. With team members gathered from across Asia, I shared with them what it takes to get to the top. Sure passion is good, but there’s a better alternative to passion. In this episode, I discusse […]

View this post on Instagram No more excuses. If other people can sell it, so can you. #noexcuses #stopcomplaining #dosomething A post shared by Tom Abbott SOCO Sales Training (@socoselling) on Feb 26, 2020 at 9:15pm PST A lot of us in sales we like to defer to marketing. We go “If only marketing did […]