6 Reasons Why The Customer Is NOT Always Right

Chances are, as a customer yourself, you’ve probably related to the phrase “the customer is always right” more than once before. However, Harry Gordon Selfridge’s phrase popularized in the early 1900s is wrong and for several reasons. So keep reading this short article to find out 6 reasons why the customer is not always right.

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1.The customer isn’t the expert

The first reason why the customer is not always right is pretty straightforward – they’re not the expert. You and your employees are, and because you know your product or service the best, you can advise them on the best solution. 

However, it’s crucial to understand that it can be dangerous to let the customer think they’re always right. For example, have you ever had a customer break your product from misusing it? 

So how do you deal with the customer always thinking they’re always right? Position yourself as the expert. So instead of telling you what they need, they end up asking you the expert. Ultimately, you need to focus on helping your customer understand that you’re the expert who can solve their problem. 

2. You don’t want every customer

Incredibly, there are some customers that you don’t want and for a good reason. Disgruntled and persistently challenging customers whittle away at your employees’ morale, increase stress levels and cause your company-wide momentum to slow down. As a result, these customers just aren’t worth the time and hassle. While it may cause a slight drop in revenue for the short term, it’s beneficial overall to your company and team in the long term. 

3. It divides management and their employees

If you’re telling your employees that the customer is always right, you’re positioning your employees below the customer. Which ultimately gives them the upper hand, resulting in demoralised employees who think that the business values the inflow of customers’ money more.

4. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone!

While it’s important to note that after just one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with a company again – it’s genuinely impossible to satisfy everyone. More so, businesses usually aren’t dependant on individual buyers, making spending so much time and effort into appeasing customers who think they’re always right unnecessary. 

5. Customers control the norm

Customers love to maintain the norm, especially if they think that they’re always right. However, incremental and slight changes are necessary to be successful in the long term. Therefore, if you allow your customers to think they’re always right, you will struggle to implement new, beneficial changes. Sure, you’ll receive some initial backlash, but that is far better than never making healthy improvements.

6. It allows rude customers to take advantage

Challenging customers always point out the adage “the customer is always right” to demand just about anything they want. Which unfortunately usually results in these customers receiving better service, leaving your loyal customers to take the hit. However, because you want to avoid undervaluing your faithful customers, you need to understand that challenging customers are not above reason. The next time you encounter such customer, confidently help them know that they must pay for the value they receive.

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