19 Of The Best Sales Podcasts To Listen To Right Now!

19 of the best sales podcasts to listen to right now

As a salesperson, you’re always busy. Frustrating as it is, you already know this trait is inherent to your being, which makes finding time to explore new sales skills or strategies tricky. This challenge leaves many asking, “How can I develop myself professionally and personally while on the go?” The answer is podcasts, of course! Don’t waste time scouring the web for hours; pick one of the best sales podcasts from this article and get started – it’s that easy!

How are you spending your spare time?

How are you spending your spare time? Are you listening to the radio? Listening to music? Improving yourself and learning some sales skills?

One of our favorite ways to pass the time is to listen to sales podcasts. Some feedback from some of our customers is that they love checking out our videos on SOCO/ Academy, our online sales training program.

So, what are you doing to better yourself? Are you listening to podcasts? Are you reading books? Are you going to workshops? Whatever you need to learn. You can learn it. So, make the best use of your time!

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19 Best Sales Podcasts You Should Listen To Right Now!

To help you navigate the sales podcast landscape, we’ve highlighted below what we think are some of the best sales podcasts. Whether you’re a young sales rep looking to make your mark or a sales veteran looking to improve buyer relationships, we have a vast selection to suit all needs.

1. Blissful Prospecting

Hosted by Jason Bay, Chief Prospecting Officer and sales trainer at Blissful Prospecting, his unique prospecting podcasts cover everything from cold calling, outreach sequencing, discovery calls and cold emailing. Check it out if you’re ready to get the best sales prospecting secrets from a featured expert each episode, and walk away with actionable tips to put your prospecting plan into motion.

Notable Episodes: We’ve enjoyed talking to our good friend Jason Bay on our podcast, “Selling in Asia.” Check out the episode here: 3 Steps to Blissful Prospecting With Jason Bay

2. Outside Sales Talk

Are you looking to expand your knowledge and skills regarding outside sales? CEO and founder of Badger Maps, Steve Benson, talks to various industry experts to give you the best tips on selling at peak performance. 

Notable Episodes: In the episode below, Tom discusses the importance of social selling and what you need to do online to close more deals.

3. The Sales Evangelist

Get sales leaders’ and entrepreneurs’ latest sales strategy insights with this bite-sized and easily digested podcast by sales trainer Donald Kelly.

Notable Episodes: Check out Tom’s episode about generating LinkedIn leads and maximizing your presence on the professional social network.

4. Predictable Revenue

Hosted by Predictable Revenue’s CEO, Colin Stewart and co-hosted by the best-selling author of Predictable Revenue and early Salesforce employee, Aaron Ross, this podcast interviews outbound sales leaders so that you can learn directly from the people on the front lines.

Notable Episodes: Check out Tom’s episode with Colin, “How to turn 100 LinkedIn profiles into 10 meetings”, where they discuss how there’s a time in a company’s growth when inbound leads – robust as they can be- don’t cut it anymore.

5. Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

Bowery Capital is an early-stage venture capital fund that assists portfolio companies with sales-related challenges.

Notable Episodes: Check out Tom’s episode, “LinkedIn for Outbound Selling with Tom Abbott,” where he discusses two of the most common use cases for LinkedIn as a social selling platform: reaching out cold to a prospect and progressing deals already in the pipeline.

6. Square Peg Round Hole

The Square Peg Round Hole Podcast (SPRH) focuses on supporting small business owners to improve their businesses and “take massive action” in their life and business.

Notable Episodes: Tom recently had a chance to chat with the guys from the small business podcast Square Peg Round Hole and share his story of moving from Vancouver, B.C., to Singapore and starting a business from scratch. You can check it out here: EP 49: Why risk-taking combined with high-performance matters

7. Selling in Asia Podcast

Learn from the world’s best founders, sales leaders and business people about what it takes to succeed at your selling product, service or dream in Asia.

Don’t miss out on weekly episodes with sales expert and founder of SOCO Sales Training, Tom Abbott, where you’ll join him for insightful cutting-edge interviews with exceptional people making a difference to companies’ bottom line across Asia and the world.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a sales professional or a sales leader, you’ll discover actionable strategies that can be applied immediately- you might even laugh a little on the way.

8. Sales Gravy

If you’re looking for quick, 5-minute actionable tips and digestible content on the go – the Sales Gravy podcast is perfect for you! Created by Jeb Blount, author of People Buy You, the podcast shares practical and often inspiring advice on everything and anything related to sales. Whether that’s overcoming tricky objections, smashing your fear of rejection, or doubling your call-back rate, Jeb’s got something for everyone.

9. The Salesman Podcast

Keen to learn more about the role of influence, body language, and psychology in sales? Then subscribe to this frequent and often daily sales podcast for sales professionals at all levels.

10. The Ziglar Show

Want to improve your overall career quality? Then spend 30 minutes exploring self-improvement tactics in this top-ranked business podcast. Not all episodes are explicitly about sales, but they provide key information and advice on other professional subjects such as procrastination and peer pressure. 

11. Sell or Die

Sell or Die centres around the idea that sales are both an art and a science. The duo provides insights into the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed in sales, all in a brisk 20 minutes.

12. B2B Growth Show

Do you love binge-watching Netflix? Then check out the vast library of this daily podcast by two B2B marketing experts who interview different business leaders. They look at all topics, from B2B lead generation strategies to buyer personas and everything else in between.

11. The Advanced Selling Podcast

One of, if not the longest-running sales podcasts there is! The Advanced Selling Podcast has over 14 years and 700 episodes under its belt, full of bite-size sales insights all in under 20 minutes per episode – nice!

  • Host: Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale
  • Episode Length: Under 20 minutes
  • Where to Listen: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Feed

13. Sales Pipeline Radio

Hungry to win more business? Then these short episodes about b2b sales and marketing by Matt Heinz might be for you. Learn how to drive greater volume and conversions with this B2B industry expert.

14. The Jordan Harbinger Show

Not strictly sales-related, but helpful when it comes to perspectives in the rest of the business world. Selected as part of Apple’s “Best of 2018”, this podcast show hosts elite guests and covers various topics from entrepreneurship to self-improvement and even personal branding. 

15. The Sales Hacker Podcast

Most sales reps know Sales Hacker as a blog and community website that’s been a go-to resource for the latest sales insights and trends since 2014. Well, the Sales Hacker Podcast is an audio extension of just that – catch B2B sales leaders discussing tips, secrets and more with this classic podcast. 

16. Conversations with Women in Sales

A sales podcast that puts women leaders into the spotlight to discuss practical tips and advice for other aspiring and young saleswomen. First begun by social sales expert Barbara Giamanco in 2018 as a direct reaction to the lack of women in sales roles. However, she sadly passed in 2020, and Lori Richardson is now continuing the podcast. 

17. Sales Success Stories

Aspiring to be in the 1%? As host Scott Ingram proudly declares, the sales success podcast “only interviews quota carrying, individual contributors who are either the #1 top producer on their team or at least in the top 1% of performers on a very large team of over 100 sellers.” So if you’re looking to become a finely tuned sales professional with the experience to match, this one is for you! 

18. Sales Enablement with Andy Paul

Formerly known as Accelerate!, Sales Enablement With Andy Paul – this podcast boasts interviews with some of the leading minds in tech sales on topics like solution selling, aligning buyer expectations and building a high-velocity inside sales team. Making this podcast is a must-listen for both sales reps and sales leaders alike. 

19. The Other Side Of Sales

Less about sales skills and more about sales culture, this podcast is a perfect opportunity for those looking to seek the experiences of sales reps from underrepresented groups and, in turn, help build a more supportive sales culture in your organization. 

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