Stop Deflecting

A lot of us in sales we like to defer to marketing. We go “If only marketing did a better job with the website and if only they did this and did that.” And it’s like you know, “That’s why I can’t sign up members. That’s why.” Really? I’ve seen it all.

You could have the best website, the best marketing collaterals in the world and it still is going to come down to you guys. I could have the crappiest collaterals and still close deals. It all works together.

I’ve even seen sales reps that said “Hey boss, we got to lower our price, man. Why? Because we’re getting killed out there. The competitors are so low, they’re low balling us. We’re losing, if you just had a bit of wiggle room and if I could just get this discount. I can close this.”

Really? And I’ve seen sales leaders they’re like, “Fine, give them a 20% discount.” And they still can’t close. Because they’re playing the wrong game. It’s not that, “Oh, if only we had a better product, we need to develop something better more innovative.” And the product team goes away tries to make something. “Okay here. Go sell this.” And they still can’t sell.

It’s just deflecting.

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