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While Grant Cardone was in Singapore, I sat down with him at his suite at Marina Bay Sands with the view of Singapore’s Central Business District behind us to discuss how to get the mindset to 10x your life, income, and business.

Too many people are playing an incremental game, such as, how can I go from closing 40 deals to 60 deals or earning 100k to 200k? So join us as Grant shares how he thinks everyone should plan to use the 10x rule to 10x their business and income!

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Marketing yourself with Grant Cardone

There’s so much competition for attention today. Having a great product isn’t enough. There are terrible products that win every day, and this is really important; the best products do not always win the game.

It’s the product that is in most places that will win the game. If you could combine the best product with the most attention, then you’re going to dominate the game. So do people know you? Are you getting enough exposure?

Monetize, Monetize, Monetize

If you have good content, it should monetize to a product unless you haven’t taken the time to create products and services that solve the problem and support your message. If you’re spending time and energy on something, you need to monetize it.

Van Gogh is a perfect example of a guy that never monetized. He is today known as one of the greatest artists who ever lived. He has massive art production with such phenomenal works but only sold one piece in his entire life. Do you know many people got rich off Van Gogh because Van Gogh was a great artist and didn’t monetize? He should have created that wealth. It’s about tying the social together, and they are just mechanisms like TV years ago and our newspapers and the barker in the circus to get attention to monetize.

What Motivates You?

Even Grant Cardone has someone who pushes him to go to the gym. As the saying goes: My money goes, where my attention goes, where my money goes, my attention follows. Sometimes it’s not just someone who can push you to help you achieve your goals, but things you buy can also help you push yourself. That’s why people need to buy things because when you buy an expensive watch, you’re going to take care of that expensive watch. You buy an expensive car, and you are going to take care of it. So, things that have value can help motivate you to push you.

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There…

People need to unlearn and learn new things. They can’t hope things will happen if they’re unwilling to invest or learn what they need to learn. For example, if you stack more data on top of a junk pile, you end up with waste on top of waste. Even if you could throw some gold on top of the waste dump, it’ll be just trash.

The information you have holding on to may be wrong. People working for Facebook, making $250k in Silicone Valley, have no money left over at the end of the year. No retirement money, no savings money. They don’t own anything, following the same set of rules or following the same set of data.

This is because they have data that is incorrect. You can’t have this many people not doing well. It would be best if you said, wait a minute. Where did all of the data come from? For example, when you watch people play Black Jack. Everybody knows what to do when there’s a six on the table. Everybody’s read that book. Everybody’s losing using the same rules.

The same went when Grant Cardone made a poor investment in his early days, where he says:

“I had more money in a retirement account than I had invested in my business, had more money sitting in a bank. Now, who won?” … “That’s right. Exactly. And so I had to start looking at why. Why am I doing what I was doing? My Dad was convinced of it. My mom was convinced of it, so was I at 20 years old. I was saving money for retirement accounts. Stupid. Where did I get that data? Because I was being hit with that message from TV every day. My teachers were telling me to plan for retirement. I was 20 years old. You don’t need to plan for retirement when you’re 20 years old. You need to go make money.”

Have multiple flows of revenue

Invest in multiple flows of revenue. If you’re not wealthy, you should only be investing your cash in things that provide instant cash flow. Warren Buffet says: if you don’t figure out a second flow, you will die at a job with one flow.

So, you have to produce another flow. Some of the ways to get cash are to trade time for money or raise money from investors or give up equity in your company, or take the money and buy real assets that produce more money, whether you’re sleeping, working, travelling, or where ever you are, it doesn’t matter.

Don’t be a one flow hoe

-Grant Cardone

Tony Robbins talks about having an exit for your business; otherwise, you’re just going to be a slave to your business, and most businesses do not have an exit. You can plan on any exit you want. You’re never going to have an exit because they’re not built for exits, and most businesses are actually going to be destroyed by technology developments.

More About Grant Cardone

Author of eight business books, thirteen best selling business programs, and CEO partner in seven privately held real-estate investing companies. Forbes listed him as one of the top social media business influencers on the globe. Cardone travels the world consulting Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, startups, and governments on business expansion while discussing his real-estate investing work.

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