5 Ways Women Can Use Confidence To Excel In Sales with Andreea Zoia

Selling in Asia Episode 11 - 5 Ways Women Can Use Confidence To Excel In Sales with Andreea Zoia

In this episode of the Selling in Asia podcast, Tom sat down with Andreea Zoia, a TV Host, ex-model and Confidence Coach, to discuss 5 ways women in sales can become more confident. However, it’s not just for the ladies -men can benefit from these tips too! Because confidence is crucial when it comes to excelling in sales.

1. Don’t Take Notes

It’s common to see woman salespeople taking notes at sales meetings; however, refrain from doing so because it places you in a subdued position. It removes your power and stance as a dominating figure in a meeting; if you’re with a male counterpart, ask him to take the notes! Above all, ensure you’re taking charge of the dialogue, engagement, and most critically maintaining eye-contact.

2. Ask, Ask, Ask!

Statistically, women salespeople are far less likely to ask for anything- although it’s not because they can’t achieve the same results. Just consider this statistic reported by Gartner CEB Blogs that on average, women are achieving their sales quota at a higher rate than men – 70% for women vs 67% for their male counterparts.

Therefore, while it may feel against your nature to ask for something, you’re more than capable of asking for the sale, referral, meeting- whatever it is, above all, make sure you get what you want. A great way to develop this skill is to make a calendar to ask yourself how many times you’ve asked for something in a month and reward yourself -this method, in turn, creates a habit. 

3. Focus On A Strong Voice

You’ll always trust people who are happy, upbeat and seem content. This simple reason is why it’s vital to be mindful of how you’re using your voice; Speak from your gut, not from the throat. Projecting your voice this way makes you much more powerful.

4. Check Your Posture!

It’s important for any salesperson to check their posture – you want to be as attractive as possible to your prospect, so your overall posture needs to focus on open body language. Try to subtly Llean in and keep an open stance whilst your hands are placed below your chest, ready to put your fingers together when you want to make a confident point.

5. Create A Successful Mindset

Sales is one of the only jobs where people will consistently say no to you – So you learn to have a thick skin, have a great sales mindset and to be able to handle rejection.

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