Sales Training in Bangkok, Thailand

sales training in thailand
Sasivee delivering sales training in Thai

Good morning from Bangkok, Thailand. It’s been an exciting 2 days bringing the Soco Selling methodology to a team of Thai speaking sales representatives in Bangkok. Our Thai sales trainer Sasivee has done a wonderful job engaging the team with funny stories and activities.

Just check out this video of her telling a funny story about a crying 1 legged Kangaroo! At least that’s what I call it.


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There’s no way I could visit Thailand without eating delicious local food and riding on the back of a motorcycle. Something I started years ago when I was training the regional team of Marie France Body Line.

Here’s me giving a sales tip from the back of a motorcycle.


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Sales Training in Thailand

Kidding aside, we’ve had a great 2-days delivering sales training in Thailand. We’ve covered the Power SELLING Assets all sales professionals need to posses, how to stay motivated in sales, how to build rapport with prospect, using different communication styles to deal with different types of customers, how to conduct a needs analysis, sharing features and benefits that are relevant to the customer, overcoming objections, closing the sale, delivering effective sales presentations, cold calling scripts and Farming strategies.

Hard to believe we covered all of that and incorporated lots of role plays, brainstorming and sharing. Everything that is essential to a good sales training session whether it is delivered in Thai or any language.

Since this is part of our Soco Selling system, workshop participants and team leaders also get follow up emails with videos, articles and slide decks to reinforce learning and maximise retention, implementation and return on investment.

Isn’t this how all sales training should be?

If you’re looking for sales training in Thailand, drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help you.

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