Out Of The Box Networking with Kerrie Phipps

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Networking tips with Kerrie Phipps

Connect with people anytime and anywhere. In this episode, Kerrie Phipps share with us some networking tips to helps sales professional connect online and offline. Do talk to strangers.

Kerrie Phipps. She is an author of the book, Do Talk To Strangers, despite our parents told us. It’s important to talk to strangers. Do talk to strangers, how to connect anyone, anywhere. I have a good fortune of meeting Kerrie here, in Singapore, at Asia Professional Speaker Annual Convention. And I knew right away, that her message would resonate with sales professionals because we all need to connect with anyone and anywhere.

Why sales professionals should talk to strangers

Sales professionals, business owners and company directors need to always be networking and looking for new opportunities to meet potential prospects or partners. I had the opportunity to speak with Kerrie Phipps, author of ‘Do Talk to Strangers‘, about why sales professionals and anyone in general needs to get in the habit of talking to strangers and what they can get out of it.

Learn more about Kerrie at www.kerriephipps.com

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