The 8 golden rules to consultative selling success. What to do and what not to do when it comes to solution selling.

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Rule #1: Know Everything About Your Products

Where can you get this knowledge? You can:

  • go on a plant tour
  • do a site inspection
  • talk to people in other departments
  • read your brochures and other marketing materials
  • talk to customers
  • talk to other vendors and suppliers

Thus it helps you of being solution-focused and remember your customers are looking to you for answers and solutions and I know that you can be the one to offer it to them.

Rule #2: Establish a Clear Sales Roadmap

Have a clear sales roadmap of your sales process. Without a clear sales roadmap, you risk losing your prospects due to skipping vital steps in the sales process. Do you know what actions you or your prospect must take to close a sale? Do you know where along your sales roadmap your current prospects are?

By recognising what it took to close that sale, you’ll be crystal clear about what to do next to move the sale along. Maybe someone contacted you about your product or service and you sent them your brochure but nothing has happened since. Should you now be scheduling a call or inviting them to visit your showroom?

Rule #3: Ask Questions

Ask probing question to uncover problems. Prospect will not naturally tell you their problem, you are one that has to ask about what problem are they facing. Customers purchase products or services based on their problems so it’s important to know the problem and only then you can sell on the solution.

Rule #4: Don’t Underestimate Your Customer’s Knowledge

Sales rep often underestimate your customer’s knowledge and try to smoke through them in order to close the sales. With the world of internet of things, it’s easier for them to gain the required knowledge to go about choosing the right products for them so they know their stuff. However, you know more about how your product able to better help them, leap on that.

Rule #5: Don’t Make Assumptions

Don’t wing it. It easy to make assumptions, it just the how the brains work. We found out patterns and fill in the blanks however those blank, may not be the solution your customer want. Everyone filled the blanks differently so ask them how they going to fill that blank.

Rule #6: Don’t Make Things Up

The no.1 sin that most sales rep are guilty about. We as a sales rep tend portray ourselves as product expert and knows a lot of thing so that our customer are impressed by our knowledge. There’s knowledge and wisdom, both are two different things. Knowledge is about telling what you need to know while wisdom is is about telling how you should apply those knowledge and customer can see that when you make things up.

Rule #7: Share Solutions

Share solution even the solution is not your products offering because this helps build rapport. Also, don’t just list features as a solution but also list benefits as they a saying goes:

“People want to hang the photo frame on the walls, they don’t want drills, holes, they just want the frame on the walls”


Rule #8: Demonstrate Value

Demonstrate value by focusing on the benefits. You aren’t selling a product or a service, you’re selling an outcome, a solution to their problem. Nowadays every good sales rep is selling solution so how is your solution is better than the others? Value. Demonstrate them. Show them that you providing more than just a solution but a companion, someone that will show them the way. Instead of viewing prospects as transactional customers you sell to once, you view them as partners in a long-term selling relationship.

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