How To Prospect Like An MDRT Achiever

How To Prospect Like an MDRT achiever

In this episode of the Selling in Asia Podcast, Tom sits down with Eugene Seah, a two-time MDRT recipient and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Life Coach. Join them as they discuss how to achieve MDRT status, how to prospect, and what to look for when hiring a salesperson.

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What is MDRT?

MDRT stands for Million Dollar Round Table and is a prestigious association for the world’s leading financial services professionals. Founded in 1927, the MDRT now has 72,000 members from over 500 companies in 70 nations and territories.

What does it take to achieve MDRT?

The question everyone wants the answer to-however is not so simple, says Eugene. It starts with possessing the mindset for growth and the willingness to learn and adapt. Suppose you consider financial services to be a tool to achieve your goals. In that case, you can apply this across several aspects of your life.

The 3 V’s of Prospecting | How to prospect

1. Visibility

The first V of Eugene’s 3 V’s of prospecting is visibility. What do we mean by visibility? People need to know who you are! Regardless of whether you’re online or offline – it would help if you had a palpable presence. Online, you need to proactively upload and curate content to provide value for your prospective customers. Offline, you need to be socially active, focus on networking and ensure everyone knows you’re an industry thought-leader. 

2. Voice

The second V of Eugene’s 3 V’s of prospecting is voice. What do you represent? What’s your story, message or vision? Again, people need to know who you are! 

3. Values

The third and finally V of Eugene’s 3 V’s of prospecting is values. We’re not talking about value in terms of benefits and features, like a value proposition or anything like that. No, instead, we’re discussing human values; what are your morals and ethics? What do you stand for? What drives you?

The 3 M’s of hiring salespeople

You should approach hiring a salesperson or any employee for that matter, using these three core concepts says Eugene:

1. Mindset

They need to possess a tenacious mindset that says, “I can create anything I want to!”. More so, salespeople should live and breathe the idea that the only person that can stop themselves – is themselves. Furthermore, they have an abundance of passion for life, curiosity for others and boundless empathy. Ultimately, their primary purpose for existing should be to want to help others – and themselves.

2. Mastery

Unfortunately, no one will ever have a perfect skill set – but we can all raise the benchmark and aim for mastery in everything that we do. Again, nothing is limiting you but yourself. The ideal candidate will understand this thoroughly and strive for mastery at all times. Therefore, this quality also relies heavily on the mindset of your employee, says Eugene.

3. Money

Lastly, Eugene says you should want to know your prospective employee’s relationship with money. For all salespeople working in financial services, having debt is an instant rejection. While plenty of people have and handle debt well, unfortunately, this is a legal incompatibility in the financial services industry.

More about Eugene Seah

Eugene Seah is a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Life Coach, TEDx speaker, Crisis-Ready Consultant and a Wealth Strategist (a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table, or MDRT Club). His life mission is to empower individuals and companies to be future-ready and achieve fulfilment, impact and a life of abundance.

He committed to achieving this life mission after experiencing a personal crisis in 2013-2014 that wiped out his bank account and attacked his self-esteem. After reprogramming his own mindset (through NLP), Eugene completely transformed his life and career. Highly sought after his insightful views and engaging personality, he has been interviewed multiple times on TV, radio, and newspapers.

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