5 Small Biz Sales Myths Debunked

5 Small Biz Sales Myths Debunked

Small business owners play a lot of different roles inside their companies and being the salesperson is one of them. When speaking to entrepreneurs I hear common misconceptions from them around sales. These ‘myths’ are holding them back from success with their company so in this week’s podcast I share 5 Small Biz Sales Myths Debunked and share what you should be doing instead.

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Myth #1. Business Is Only Good In Upturns | 5 Small Biz Sales Myths Debunked

It’s easy to blame the economy and state that business is just out of your control, but that’s just not true! Infact, many companies do extremely well during downturns, simply just by making positive changes to their mindset for sales success. You need to focusing on making the mindset that you can create your own economy.

Myth #2. Sales Come Easily To Big Business | 5 Small Biz Sales Myths Debunked

Small business sales have the exact same challenges as big business, lead generation, prospecting, objection handling, qualifying, differentiating. Just because you’re small, doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance. You have competitive advantages, you just need to identify, leverage and implement them!

Myth #3. Great Products Sell Themselves | 5 Small Biz Sales Myths Debunked

You’ve probably heard of the expression – “if you’re great at what you do – people will come.” Wrong. Networking is essential for creating awareness around your product or service! Let people know who you are and what you do.

#1 Sales Truth. You Need To Market GREAT Products!

While it often seems like a foolproof strategy, you mustn’t rely on word of mouth advertising because someone had to buy your product first. Instead, it would be best to create a strategy and energy around your product that creates excitement, conversation and discussion.

Myth 4. Sales Increase With Advertising

It seems like it makes logical sense that sales increase with advertising and is the best way to reach your audience. However, in fact, it’s the best way to lose money quickly. Instead, it would be best if you focused on identifying 3 ways to advertise your product or service and reach your customer more affordably; blog posts, videos, podcast, etc.

Myth 5. Sales Is For Salespeople

Sales is not just for salespeople, everyone is in sales and everyone needs this mentality – because wthout sales, we don’t have business!

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