I recently met up with my friend Ashley Dudarenok who is based in Hong Kong and does a lot of work in Mainland China. I asked her to share with us her best tips around connecting and selling in China. Sales is all about connections and relationships and China is no different. So without Facebook, here’s how you need to be doing to connect in China instead.



Hey guys, it’s Tom here and I’m at a APSS convention with one of my favourite people. This is Ashley and she is based in Hong Kong and she does a lot of work in mainland China and one really important tip that all sales professionals should really be thinking about or focusing on or doing right now.


Well, sales are all about connections and relationships and Chinese, no exemption. You know that generally in Asia we are all about word of mouth and basically knowing people that are going propel your business forward. China is the master network. The Chinese, all about Guanxi, about connections, about those relationships. So, when you’re doing sales in B2C or B2B context, put a lot of emphases, time and money into developing those relationships.  I’ll give you a quick example.  I do a lot of talks in China as well and you know, we still here in Singapore, in the rest of the world we exchanged business cards but in China, they look at me. They look at my phone and say ah can I scan you? So they want to scan my WeChat and they want to develop a personal connection, personal relationships, send me messages, share their thoughts, follow my journey on WeChat. You will be surprised how much sales, corporate sales, real estate sales can be done through this platform WeChat. Another very important thing as salespeople. I’m sorry, I’m dominating it, the airtime. But very important thing is that in China when you grow your database of potential sales leads, it’s not about capturing emails because nobody is using an email and people are definitely not gonna be happy if you’re gonna start cold calling them. They’re going to report you, you’re gonna get into a lot of trouble but your CRM is all about social media so it’s a SCRM, social CRM. So, as a B2B or B2C salesperson, you still need to be on social media and this is a sharp difference compared to the rest of the world. Go on WeChat, be on platforms like Weibo, definitely check out LinkedIn because this is the only Western platform that actually works in China. Build relationships, be real as a human being and people are going to come to you. China is ready and Chinese is the future. 


I love that. Cool, thanks, Ashley. All right, take care guys.

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