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Sales Mindset of Top Performers

I recently had the opportunity to train Adam and the Drake International (Singapore) team on ways to stay motivated. Of the nine strategies I shared, there were definite consistencies between these and what Adam notices top performers do regularly. Read on to find out what Adam Carabetta, Manager in Recruitment and Talent Solutions at Drake International, Singapore, notices that top performers do differently, how he incentivizes his team and the sales mindset of top performers.

What do your top performers do differently from the others? 

They certainly don’t do the bare minimum or standard activity levels and don’t just turn up. Instead, they smash it every week, and they really do a lot more than the rest. They invest time in the areas that will create results rather than simply staying busy. In addition to this, they come to the desk each day with a plan and goals, and they do not procrastinate.

Ultimately, they do not blame others; they keep positive and constantly learn and take feedback to improve.

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How do you support your team’s professional development?

Creating a culture that breeds success and allows each team member to reach their sales goals is a key responsibility of a Sales Leader. For me, this means preparing my sales team to control all aspects of the sales cycle to ensure they can close. I support this by showing rather than telling them, which means leading by example. I have my team come with me to as many relevant meetings with customers, listen to all my phone calls on desk, and share my wins and losses.

However, when a specific problem arises with my team, I use a process that encourages them to problem-solve to create a solution that can be long-lasting instead of simply getting an instant answer from me.

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Besides commission, how do you incentivize your team? 

It varies tremendously, as you have to learn and work out what each salesperson truly gets motivated by. Obviously, money is the norm, though other variables can impact your team’s incentive. An example has been creating an exclusive reward for those in my team who exceed a particularly high sales number.

This allows those successful individuals to feel part of an exclusive group of top performers. However, for a team, setting regular group targets and subsequent rewards in place that allow you to celebrate together is good practice.

What do you look for when hiring new recruits?

Overall, I personally look for new recruits who display an entrepreneurial attitude. People who have a desire to build a business, rather than those who want to be an employee, will likely be more successful. In addition, I look to hire those who have had real hardship in their lives, though because of their tenacity, perseverance, and resilience, have managed to grow from it both in their personal and professional lives. These are great traits to have as a Salesperson.

Lastly, I check if someone I am hiring can see challenges as opportunities and “smell” or “sniff out” money. Typically, these are the traits you are born with and cannot be trained or developed.

What’s your favorite sales interview question

I have many questions that can help determine a top performer’s behavioral profile, though I typically like the question that tests their passion for selling. I ask them to tell me about the first thing they remember selling as a child and the first deal they ever did. It could be as simple as the first comic book or video game they sold to a friend or the price they negotiated when buying their first car.

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