Quick Tip: Why it’s Easier To Sell Something That’s Expensive

quick tip: what it's easier to sell something that's expensive

You know what? It’s easier to sell something expensive rather than something cheap. This is important because too many people think they need to offer the lowest price or give significant discounts to get deals, but the opposite is true. In this Selling in Asia podcast episode, Tom Abbott explains precisely why it’s easier to sell high-ticket items.

Cheapness causes doubt

If you have something ‘expensive’, something that is high-end, high value and worth it, it’s way easier to sell that than to sell some cheap product or service that will leave the customer wondering if it’ll work.

The winning formula

When you have this combination, you’re not competing on price, and your customers aren’t going to decide to go with your competition because they’re a dollar cheaper. They will go with the product or service with a sales rep who can effectively communicate and demonstrate why their solution is the best. Because, in the end, that’s all that the customer really cares about. 

Think about it. If one option is a small percentage more than others but solves their problem better, that’s the choice the customer will go with. 

The reason is that if they make the wrong decision and choose something slightly cheaper that doesn’t meet their needs, they’ve just wasted their entire purchase investment. This is something we at SOCO train on. 

Many of our customers are quality brands that are not interested in competing on price. Instead, they want to demonstrate their value to the customer and then deliver and exceed their promises. 

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