5 Reasons Why You Can’t Close The Deal

Here are five reasons you can’t close the sale:

Wrong Mindset

Your attitude. You didn’t have the right mindset to close that deal. You walked in to that meeting, you weren’t confident, you weren’t prepared,  you weren’t ready, you didn’t have a belief in your product. You just didn’t have the right attitude.

Insufficient Qualification

You didn’t qualify this lead well enough. You weren’t clear about the budget. Could they even afford the solution? You were probably even talking to the wrong person. This was a gatekeeper,  not a decision-maker. To be honest with you, you probably didn’t find out if they actually had a burning, urgent, pressing need for your product. Bad qualification. 

Not Able to Differentiate

Another reason why you’re not closing last week’s deal: You couldn’t differentiate yourself from the competition. You weren’t able to communicate your USP. What makes you better and different than the competition? Why you? Why should they choose you over everybody else? Chances are you don’t know the answer and they don’t know the answer.

Inadequate Closing Skills

You can’t close. Your closing skills aren’t working, you’re not able to answer objections effectively, and your consultative selling skills, horrible. You’re pitching products and services and you don’t really understand what they’re looking for. So, you’re not matching your solution to what they need.

Insufficient Relationship

Fifth and perhaps the most important reason why you’re not closing that deal: you didn’t have a relationship with that customer. Maybe you sold to them in the past and they were a “key account,” but you didn’t treat them like a key account. In fact, you probably only talk to them once a year when it’s time to renew the contract. Guess what? When you followed up with them last week, they were already thinking, “You know what?  I haven’t heard from you in a year. We’re going with someone else that treated us well throughout the year.” 

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