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Attitude and mindset go a long way when building a high-performing team. When the attitude and potential are there… but the results aren’t YET… train them, teach them, mentor them. If the right attitude isn’t there… you know what to do… Here’s an excerpt from the Q&A of a virtual keynote I did recently. An […]

In this episode, we are excited to have Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, an executive leadership coach and NYT Bestselling Author, to discuss how leaders should coach their sales team. In this episode we talk about: What leaders need to do to help their team during these times of uncertainty Why coaching is more important now than […]

Now more than ever, it’s important for sales reps to be fully trained in sales. Companies just can’t waste leads on untrained reps. In the current environment, we’re seeing more and more companies turning to blended learning which is the perfect combination of in-person and online learning, bringing global companies together no matter where they […]

When the economy starts to slow down and the amount of leads coming in or the number of prospects signing up decreases, many companies look at ways to lower expenses. While it’s always smart to run a lean company, the smartest companies know that a downturn is the right time to increase spending on activities that […]

With the recent upgrade from DORSCON Yellow to DORSCON Orange on 7 February 2020 in Singapore, some companies have been left wondering what they should do about their large-scale events. In a letter published by Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore on 15 February 2020, MTI advises on the following: Businesses should maintain normalcy, as long […]

I get asked this all the time from sales leaders I work with: how do I motivate my team? They tell me the team seems demoralised and some of them might be looking for new jobs. What can I do? I tell them to start by focusing on why their team and the company are […]