How to Increase Your Linkedin Connections

How to Build Your Linkedin Connections

So you’re wondering how to increase your LinkedIn connections? Whether you’re looking for potential clients, new employees or a new employer, building your LinkedIn connections can be a very valuable asset. When done correctly, with the right amount of effort, you can quickly go from hundreds to thousands of connections in just a couple of months.

A word of caution though, proceed carefully otherwise you could end up being marked as spam and having your account blocked by LinkedIn.

It’s more important to focus on slow progression when it comes to increasing your connections on LinkedIn.

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Master the Search Feature

The search bar tool at the top left hand corner of your LinkedIn account is your new best friend. Use it to find relevant people you want to have in your network.

Start your search broad, using common keywords then apply filters systematically to narrow the results. Doing it this way may take some time, so if you find yourself using the search function often, you may want to opt for a paid premium plan like Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite, to make the search more accessible and productive. 

Customise Your Connection Request

When sending a connection request to a potential contact on LinkedIn, personalise the connection message by letting them know who you are and why you want to connect. Showing a real-world association of having friends, schools or interests in common is great way to get their attention and increase your chances of them wanting to connect with you.

Never Sell in Your Connection Request

Trying to sell someone your products or services in the connection request is the fastest way to get your account blocked and ensure no one ever connects with you. Instead treat online networking like you do in person, build the relationship first, add value, then see if they have a need for your product or service.

Use Your LinkedIn Profile URL Everywhere to Increase Connections

Tom's LinkedIn barcode to increase linkedin connections

Think of your LinkedIn account in the same way as your email address or company website’s URL, and you will know where you should be promoting it. To increase LinkedIn connections, make it a point to share the link in your email signature, include it in your bylines for online and offline articles, and incorporate it into marketing materials. Remember you can modify your LinkedIn profile URL to make it more memorable or even generate a QR code to link directly to your profile!

Form LinkedIn Connections With Customers or Clients

One of the most natural and powerful ways to quickly increase your LinkedIn connection count is to reach out to the people with whom you already have a business relationship. Of course, this group includes your current customers or clients, but don’t forget about everyone you did business with in the past.

Reaching out to your old customers on LinkedIn is a great way to reengage, as long as you approach it correctly. It is best to wait until you can offer something of real value before making contact. Doing this will help you to avoid looking like you are spamming them. Of course, ‘real value’ is subjective, and may be anything from a special offer to a genuinely helpful report.

Upload Existing Databases of Contacts

If you have an existing database of clients or prospects which includes their email addresses, you can import contacts to your LinkedIn account through the ‘My Network’ tab, ‘More options’.

Once uploaded, LinkedIn will send connection requests to everyone on the list. This is definitely not the most effective way to connect with existing contacts, but if time is of the essence, this is a viable option too.

Take Advantage of the ‘Find Nearby’ Option on the LinkedIn App

Get a bit of an edge at your next convention or industry event by using the ‘Find Nearby’ option on the LinkedIn App for iOS or Android. You can turn it on in the app, by clicking on ‘My Network’ then ‘Connect’ and finally on the ‘Find nearby” option. Once your Bluetooth is on, you will see notices from your LinkedIn connections who also have the ‘Find nearby’ option selected. 

Do you want to learn more about increasing LinkedIn connections at events? Check out this video

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