When we talk about how great we are it can come across as bragging, but when other people talk about us it comes across as evidence. This is why LinkedIn Endorsements are so effective. Or are they?

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In the last 7 days, I’ve been endorsed for Coaching, Executive Coaching and Public Speaking from LinkedIn Connections who may not have heard me speak and certainly have not engaged me for coaching. On one hand, it’s flattering that my reputation as a Sales Coach precedes me and on the other hand, it’s like a restaurant getting a favourable review from someone who’s never tried their food. It’s become so easy to get endorsed (a list of categories pops up when you visit someone’s profile) that it’s become more of a video game than a true endorsement.

So what’s the more accurate reflection of expertise? LinkedIn Recommendations. The fourteen Recommendations on my profile are from Connections who have actually engaged me as a Coach or Trainer, attended one of my speaking engagements or read my sales book, ‘The SOHO Solution’. LinkedIn Recommendations are testimonials and useful proof devices for prospective customers who might be considering engaging your services.

So, your big challenge is developing a strategy that will help you get more testimonials. Take a look at your list of past customers. Have you asked them all for testimonials? Why not? And what about the clients you’re working with right now? Try practicing this. The next time one of your customers “endorses” you on LinkedIn, thank them very much and ask them to write you a LinkedIn Recommendation. That’s my recommendation to you.

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Tom Abbott
Tom Abbott is the author of 'The SOHO Solution' and 'Social Selling' and the creator of the online sales training platform SOCO Academy. Sales leaders engage Tom for his proven solutions to building high performance sales teams that exceed targets and for motivational keynotes that energise their audiences.

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