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Profit, relationships and deals can all be won or lost during the negotiation process. When negotiators come armed with the tools and skills needed to negotiate effectively, desired outcomes are optimized and loss of profit is avoided.

The thing is, when it comes to negotiations, profits and closed deals aren't the only desired outcome; preservation of the relationship is also crucial to ensure long term business opportunities are maintained and negative feelings aren't harboured.

So it's imperative that sales professionals, procurement departments and business leaders learn how to navigate negotiations in a way that not only results in a positive outcome for both parties, it also leads to future business.

Our in-depth business negotiations course equips participants with the knowledge and application skills to understand: what's important to counterparts, how to prepare to negotiate, how to influence the other party and what it takes to artfully overcome difficult situations to secure deals.

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Meet Your Instructor

Tom Abbott is the Founder and Managing Director of SOCO Sales Training and for over 20 years, has been negotiating sizeable deals with heads of Department and CEOs of large corporations.

Tom prioritizes the importance of keeping strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and business partners when negotiating to ensure long term business relationships.

He doesn't see negotiating as a 'winner takes all' approach; instead, he sees it as a quest for the ideal outcome for both parties.

Take your business negotiation skills to the next level by learning from a master negotiator.

Tom Abbott
Founder, SOCO Sales Training


Sales Professionals, Procurement Departments & Business Leaders

Business Negotiations Course

Master the skills to successfully negotiate business deals

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