How To Make Compelling & Powerful Sales Demonstrations

Making Compelling & Powerful Sales Presentations

The sales demonstration is a time-proven strategy that strengthens the presentation by attracting the prospect’s attention, stimulating interest, and creating desire. For instance, automobile salespeople don’t simply talk about features and benefits. They hand you the keys and suggest you take it for a spin. Why? It gives your prospect a temporary feeling of ownership that helps build desire for the product. If you want to adopt powerful sales demonstrations and help prospects overcome their challenges by effectively using your products and services as proof devices, keep reading this short article.

How to make compelling & powerful sales demonstrations

Prefer to watch instead of read? Learn how to make more compelling demonstrations and close more sales, right here in this video.

I often offer qualified prospects a free consultation, and this often referred to as a proof device. After demonstrating how I could help improve sales in their businesses, most choose to engage my services. These strategies provide a temporary feeling of ownership that builds desire. Now, you need to consider what could you do to attract your prospect’s attention, stimulate interest, and create desire.

Proof devices in powerful sales demonstrations

So what exactly are proof devices, and how do you use them? Frankly, all prospects know you will only say good things about your product – so you need to give them an impartial view of the benefits.

It would be best if you offer your prospect free samples, a tour of your factory or office. In fact, you can use photos, brochures, portfolios, catalogues, charts, test results, or even a model if your product is too large.

You could even offer a money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk, and be sure to provide testimonials. However, for this to be effective, ensure you ask your past and present customers, of all the people they could have worked with, the main reasons they chose you over all other solution-providers.

Do what it takes to make it easier for prospects to say “yes”.

What’s in a sales presentation sequence plan?

It’s important to develop a presentation sequence plan. What benefits do you plan on demonstrating to your prospect. It’s also useful to anticipate common objections and formulate responses to those objections. Are you going to use a brochure, flip chart or laptop? Neither is better or worse than the other. Just be sure they’re of the best quality.

Learn how to tell your audience what’s in it for them

In SOCO’s Selling Your Solution training, we focus on the foundational sales skills everyone in sales needs to master. Whether that’s asking the right questions to uncover problems, presenting your solution effectively, tactfully overcoming objections or presenting so efficiently that closing becomes easy.

We equip participants with the knowledge and application skills to better assess customer needs, adopt a consultative selling approach, and avoid losing deals by not proposing inadequate solutions

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