8 Ways To Align Sales & Customer Service

Align Sales & Customer Service

Businesses often make the critical mistake of prioritising sales over nurturing loyal relationships with customers. However, this isn’t a realistic or even long-term strategy in today’s increasingly competitive world. Therefore, if you want to ensure growth or even accelerate it – you need to be focusing on how you’re going to align sales & customer service. Furthermore,  how you can ensure complete sales enablement across sales, marketing and customer service. 

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Why do sales and customer service teams struggle to align?

It’s no secret that sales and customer service clash sometimes. The problem begins when sales reps feel pressured to make any deal, regardless of its quality—ultimately filling up the pipeline with clients who are like square pegs in a round hole. 

64% of customers say experiences are more important than prices, and that number is growing.

Now, the customer service team has to spend a lot of time letting down poorly qualified customers. Not only does this cause unnecessary friction, but the deeper problem with this is that the customers’ needs or wants haven’t been considered.

On the whole, to provide your customers with an exceptional experience, sales and customer service need to understand, value and support each other.

8 Ways To Align Sales & Customer Service

The real secret to success in business today is creating a great customer experience every step of the way. Now, a lot of salespeople may be thinking, well, “I’ve made my sale, delivered our promise and now I’m onto the next one, what more is there to consider?”

Well, success continues long after the sale. However, to see the benefits, you need to align sales & customer service – but how do you do that? Below are eight ways to align sales and customer service teams.

1. Know your customer 

The first way to align sales and customer service is to map your customer journey and establish a customer persona. Whilst they may have completed these separately before -this exercise is an excellent way to unite both departments by creating a great customer experience together. Additionally, having a customer profile will aid everyone in knowing precisely who your ideal customers are. More so, seeing them as real people, not just figures.

2. Meet regularly

Similarly to anything in life, if you want something to work, you have to practice commitment and consistency. So help your opposing departments to unite and collaborate with regular meetings. Regardless of whether they’re virtual or in-person, you need to make time to meet.

3. Integrate technology into your process

Collaborative tools are vital for the alignment of your customer service and sales teams. Therefore you should consider what sort of software you can integrate into your operation to make collaboration seamless. Often, there is a technology solution for every budget. So really, there’s no excuse for your customers to feel as if they’re working with two different businesses when being passed from sales to customer service.

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4. Create a Feedback Loop

It’s often easier to say “we should not have signed that customer!” instead of saying “I think we need to establish clearer expectations before signing this customer.” However, since both customer support and sales teams keep data and analytics about the buyer’s journey. Your customer service team knows the problems customers have during onboarding and sales teams know the problems they’re trying to solve with your solution, so both departments can use this information in tandem to fine-tune every aspect of the customer journey. This will also allow both departments to be aware of how each other contributes to the team’s success.

5. Consistent brand messaging

Your customers expect a flawless experience regardless of what’s going on internally. Their experience of your brand needs to be consistent across all departments.

6. Train customer service in the sales process

Your customer service team should understand the customers’ journey right from the beginning of the sales process. Furthermore, if your sales team have encountered any issues throughout the sales process that you think could impact the future relationship between a customer and your customer service team – discuss it as soon as possible, so there aren’t any future surprises.

7. Cross training sessions

Perspective is sometimes everything. For this reason, having departments sit in on each other’s daily activities is hugely beneficial. Not only does it help them to get to know each other closer, but it allows insight into unique challenges each team faces. Particularly how this has a ricochet effect on one another. For example, your sales team will understand how to realign their approach if they sit in on a customer service call and see the consequences of creating customer expectations that the business can’t meet.

8. Priorotise customer retention

Here’s a telling statistic – your odds of selling to an existing customer are between 60-70%. For new customers, that figure drops to 5-20%. For this reason, you need to focus on adding value rather than just selling products or services. Therefore, if you start to mould your businesses into a customer-focused one, you’ll retain more customers, and make it easier for sales teams to meet targets. Ultimately, by maintaining a focus on the customer – rather than the sale itself – your revenue per customer should steadily increase.

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