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After training tens of thousands of sales professionals around the world in the past few decades, I can safely say online sales training is a critical component of a successful sales team. Here I share why more and more companies are implementing e-learning in their organisation.

New Team Members Can Start Learning Right Away

One problem that sales teams frequently encounter is how to incorporate new team members into the existing group. By implementing online sales training, new team members can begin learning everything from basic to advanced sales strategies right away. Having all team members trained on the same topics allows for consistency in the company’s sales culture. This eliminates the time consuming process of extensive training and allows new team members to start contributing to the sales team’s success almost immediately. Additionally, this training can prevent potential loss of profit due to a new team member not knowing how the company and sales team operates. It is an excellent benefit for any company.

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E-Learning with SOCO Academy

Existing Teams Can Learn During Down Time With Online Sales Training

Online sales training not only benefits new team members, but existing sales professionals as well. While existing sales teams are often busy with their own business, there are certainly times when these teams have little to do. Instead of assigning menial tasks for sales professionals during slower periods, putting them through extensive training can increase their sales knowledge and ensure they are spending this down time productively. The existing sales teams can then use that knowledge they gained when their business picks up to maximise closing rates.

Geographically Dispersed Sales Teams Can Do The Same Online Sales Training

Yet another advantage to online sales training is that it works excellently for companies with global sales teams as well. Since the training is online and not person-to-person, sales teams that are operating internationally can easily undergo it without worrying about the logistics and expense of transporting training personnel out of the country.

Online sales training programs can also be translated into the languages spoken meaning all teams around the world can get the exact same training delivered in their language of choice.

Central Location For Discussions and Documents

By keeping all sales training related discussions in the online training program, new staff members can quickly catch up on discussions about a certain topic. In addition, the sales team can work together and make a database containing their most common objections, closing methods, qualifying questions and so on. It would become an organic document being updated and reviewed consistently keeping all team members geographically disperser or not on the same page.

This eliminates the common problem where a few sales people do something well and others do not. Instead they can share their knowledge and all grow together.

What To Look For In An Online Sales Training Program

When looking for an online sales training program that fits your team’s, it’s essential to take a few things into consideration.

Firstly, look for short videos that can keep the attention of learners, often called micro learning. This allows for a faster sense of completion and learning to happen even if the learner only has 10 minutes during a commute to learn.

Secondly, programs that provide incentives to complete the training (such as learning badges) is one method of encouraging your sales team to finish the training whilst maintaining employee morale.

Thirdly, an effective training program will often include editable, shareable documents that are optimal for the team to collaborate on and enhance their own skills by learning from each other’s ideas.

What’s also important for companies considering e-learning for their teams is the ability to check on learners progress. This allows leaders to encourage learning when needed and award those who are completing the courses.

And lastly, a training program that is available for mobile devices can prove invaluable for sales teams that are on the go due to its ease of access and portability.

Online Sales Training with SOCO Academy

Online Sales Training with SOCO Academy

How to Get the Most Out of E-Learning

A common issue with e-learning is low completion rates. This happens when learners aren’t given deadlines or held accountable to finish their online courses. To ensure the best results, a team leader should be appointed who can check on the progress of the learners to help move them along their learning journey.

Another great way to maximise learning to implement blended learning, a combination on e-learning and live training. This can be done either online through webinars or in-person, but either way it allows for additional collaboration and customisation of training.

Our Online Sales Training Program – SOCO Academy

Here at SOCO/ Sales Training, we’ve been implementing sales systems in industry leading companies for decades. We find that the best system to train sales staff incorporates a combination of online, in-person and coaching. By incorporating all 3, retention and implementation are maximised and sales teams reach their maximum potential. Something we all strive for.

With the launch of  Soco Academy we are pleased to offer a faster and more affordable way to teach staff new sales skills anywhere in the world. Our mobile ready platform means a sales professional can learn during their commute to the office, or during their downtime.

Statistics show making required training available on mobile devices for employees will lead to a 40% increase in productivity.

Not only will students love the gamification and social elements, leaders will appreciate the provided tools to track completion rates and quiz scores.

More than a library of videos and templates, team subscriptions also get leader guides which walk leaders through how to conduct complementary role playing and discussion sessions.

It’s our way to provide you with the tools to train your staff while maximising implementation and retention.

With over 100 videos and 20 downloadable worksheets, staff can be trained to deliver effective presentations and close more sales in as little as 10 weeks.

With the Soco Academy platform, teams can also collaborate in 1 place with our online forms which can be reviewed and updated and things change and new staff are added.

Pair our e-learning with our virtual training sessions in the form of webinars or coaching for maximum results.

If you’d like to learn more about online sales training program SOCO Academy, drop us an email and we’ll be happy to chat about putting together.


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Tom Abbott
Tom Abbott is the author of 'The SOHO Solution' and 'Social Selling' and the creator of the online sales training platform SOCO Academy. Sales leaders engage Tom for his proven solutions to building high performance sales teams that exceed targets and for motivational keynotes that energise their audiences.