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Sales Leader Interview Paul Lim

When I’m meeting with company directors and sales managers, many share with me their struggles in hiring new sales professionals. Not only do they struggle hiring talent, but they also have challenges keeping the team motivated. We asked our community to share with us what has worked for them. Paul Lim, the owner of Craftech Printing Services Pte Ltd, replied, ready to share his experience. Here’s what has worked for him.

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What do you look for when hiring sales professional?

We are constantly looking out for sales professionals who have good business acumen. They have innovative ways to gain market share and further improve our process. The ability to think out of the box and hunger for sales is desired.

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What’s 1 question you would typically ask during an interview?

“Why must we hire you?” The question is tricky, the candidates need to highlight their strength whereby how they can contribute growth to the company’s bottom

Besides commission, what kind of incentives do you offer top performers?

We recognise top performers who generate stellar sales. We use every opportunity to demonstrate our gratitude to top performers by rewarding them with an overseas retreat to rejuvenate themselves.

How do you help your teams achieve their maximum potential?

Our team consists of sales professionals who have different strengths and weaknesses. They work on a buddy system. We provide various training to equip them effectively so they are able to provide value added solutions to customers. We provide mentorship as well as coaching to assist them to excel in sales

What do you notice top performing sales professionals do differently from the others?

I notice top sales performers have CEO (Connectivity, Energy, Optimism). They know very well that sales results are paramount for their success in sales.

Top sales performers understand customers’ needs and craft compelling solutions. They listen to customers attentively and connect with them personally. They are familiar with the industry and know how to add value to their customers and go the extra mile to help customers.

Top sales performers have high energy levels. They make things happen and are always committed to whatever they are doing. When they are committed, customers can see their effort in helping them. Referrals will gradually flow in, they play a key part in sales success and help to build credibility and trust.

Top Sales Performers are optimistic. They do not give excuses for market conditions; instead, they focus on achieving the goal. Above all, they have a positive mindset and the skill to close deals. They always have a plan to generate new customers for additional revenue & sales.

More about Paul Lim

Paul Lim is an entrepreneur who owns 2 companies (AStar Success Pte Ltd & Craftech Printing Services Pte Ltd) in a different area – Print Management and Website Development. AStar Success Pte Ltd has been awarded Asia Excellence Award 2014/2015 specializing in Website Design & Development, Graphic Design, Marketing Ideas and 3D Visualization.

Paul is the Honorary Treasurer and Chairman of the Marketing Institute of Singapore’s HR & Finance Committee. He is also an Adviser to SAFRA Entrepreneur’s Club. He is serving as Executive Committee for BizComm International, Indonesia (Surabaya).

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