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Technology companies face a unique set of challenges. The tech industry experiences incredibly fast and constant growth, and keeping up with these ongoing changes is often a time-consuming and challenging endeavor. Yet, in order to be an effective technology sales professional, one needs to both understand the products and services he sells and possess the […]

I recently had a chance to chat with the guys from the small business podcast Square Peg Round Hole and share my story of how I moved from Vancouver, B.C. to Singapore and started a business from scratch. I share with them how I created my own opportunities by cold calling organizations offering my services in […]

Engaging in personal and / or professional development activities will help develop your ‘expert power’. I want to take a moment to applaud you for investing your time in reading this blog entry. By doing so, you’re taking a step towards developing yourself professionally. This is a step that says “I’m investing time in reading […]

Focusing on the future and how to improve rather than focusing on past mistakes and failures. Over the years, people have given me feedback, both negative and positive, on my group sales coaching program and one-on-one sales coaching. These have been opportunities for me to learn what my customers really need and make improvements within […]

I’m an international sales expert and I’ve compiled an Amazon Listmania! List of books to help home based businesses, small business owners and home office entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. This list includes: Business Books 1. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson 2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey 3. Outliers: […]

Studying your Competitors: Studying companies that sell similar products to help you determine if they have a competitive advantage or disadvantage. Your competition has a strong influence on your sales strategy. In fact, acquiring knowledge about your competitors can actually help develop and increase your overall product knowledge. Prospects often ask about competing businesses, so […]

Becoming a product expert: Being familiar with your products, the things you sell and clearly communicating the features and benefits. There’s good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad news. Buyers have more choices available to them now than ever before. And those choices complicate the buying process. Now the good news. Becoming […]

Improving your communication style, manners, voice quality, and non-verbal communication contributes to your success in personal selling. Studies suggest the relatively small role played by words alone in the communication process: 7% by words alone, 38% from what is heard, 55% from what is seen or felt. In order for you to be effective in […]

Improving compensation plans can help inspire your sales team. 

As a great sales leader your key performance indicators include sales volume, sales revenue, profitability, return-on-investment, market penetration and market share. You must therefore provide your sales team with the resources necessary to achieve these objectives. This includes financial resources. Is it possible your compensation plans […]