I have a list of questions to qualify my leads to find out which ones to focus my time on.

I never deal with support staff, I will only talk to bosses who will make the final decision.

I know EVERYTHING about my products and services. I know where and how things are made, have the spec sheets memorised, every question I get about our products or services, I can easily answer.

I know how my offering compares to my competitors. I know how my price compares to my top 3 competitors as well as the differences between our offerings.

I have a list of questions to understand the needs of my prospects. I want to know what issues my potential customers are trying to solve and have prepared a list of questions that helps me get these answers.

I have a collection of ‘proof devices’ for use during demonstrations. I have testimonials from past happy customers, case studies of successful jobs, a client list, a list of awards we have received and media we have been published in ready at my fingertips for every meeting.

I quickly bounce back from rejection with the attitude that the next one will say “yes”. When a deal I've been working on for a long time tells me they went with a competitor, I don't dwell on it, I learn from the experience and become more determined to close my next deal.

I get lots of repeat business. I have a system to follow up with past customers to make sure they're happy and that I'm always top of mind. I know how and when to ask for more business.

I can easily overcome any objection from my prospects. When a prospect doesn't like something about my product or service, I know how to smoothly answer their objection and bring the focus back to what's most important to them.

I have a system to always keep my pipeline full. I know how keep generating new leads through effective prospecting strategies.

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