Hang Out with Superstars! Who do you align yourself with? People who complain about everything (because nothing is their fault), or people determined to make a difference in the world? Winners or whiners? Whiners always look for external blame while winners look after internal responsibility. So it’s better to hang out with winners! The superstars! […]

Success in prospecting requires a systematic process of locating potential customers which includes: Increasing the number of prospects Improving the quality of prospects Shortening the sales cycle by qualifying prospects The goal of prospecting is to build a prospect base, a list of current and potential customers. There are several sources of prospects. To name […]

Efficient and effective onboarding is the key to shaping a promising new hire into a productive member of your sales team. Yet, some sales managers fail to onboard new sales reps effectively, leaving it as a mere formality or even as an inconvenience to get through as soon as possible. Others try to overload a […]

 Networking dos and don’ts. At a networking event, you can either build meaningful connections with the right people or be a royal jerk by being ‘that guy’ who doesn’t know the unwritten rules of networking. #dontbethatguy and follow these 3 tips instead. I just came back from a networking event here in Bangkok – […]

When trying to sell a product or service you could either tell your prospect how great it is or you could tell them a true story of how it improved someone’s life or business. Lets take a tech company for an example, the salesperson could either say our software increases productivity or they could share […]

I’m starting off our Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) comparison series with Infusionsoft. This is the CRM that we use and is ideal for smaller companies that are looking for a seamless integration between their sales and email marketing. To be honest, we found there to be a steep learning curve to learn how to use the […]

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