Why Even Veterans In Sales Need To Keep Learning!

This really gets me fired up. What do you think? Do you think if you’ve been in sales for 12 years there’s nothing left to learn? Here’s why we need to keep on learning even if we’ve been in the business for years. The ‘I know it all’ attitude is a sure way to be unemployed in the near future. When people who are the best the world at their craft have a coach, what makes you think you don’t need one? I hope this video motivates you to keep on learning.

I want to share with the team. So come on. It is super important. It’s all about the attitude you need to succeed in sales. I’m talk about the difference between winners and whiners and that whole mindset about learners are earners, you got to keep learning.

So, I’m going to share this with my team because I think this is so critical.


Okay, quick one! So I’m just out there, you know, we have a workshop tomorrow. I’m super pump about it. I gotten a biggest fan, Jonathan here, who super keen. But he was talking about one of his colleague who isn’t really keen to come to the workshop but he trying to convince him about this, right. So real quick, he goes oh look, I got 12 years of sales experiences already. So he doesn’t feel like he get anything out of it.

So, you know I’m huge tennis fans, you all know that. Boom! Roger Federer have been playing tennis for 20 years and he still have a coach! Is your colleague better than Roger Federer? I don’t think so, right. Is your colleague closing and ask yourself this too. Are you closing 100% of opportunities? Probably not. Is your colleague have a full pipeline? How about you? Probably not. Is your colleague maximising opportunities to cross-selling and up-sell? Probably not. Do you believe nothing is change at all in sales in the last 12 years? Of course things change all the time so why wouldn’t you keep learning?

Learners are Earners

Last thing he goes. He goes; “All the skillset required can be learnt, get this, from watching Youtube videos”. Okay, I said, no need to see doctor and dentist, right. Whatever you need, you can just find on Youtube. That is absolutely ridiculous. Okay look, Youtube video are great. We got some awesome Youtube video but there is no substitute of being in the room with the people and a sales expert, sharing ideas, discussions, best practices and actually practicing what you learnt. So, it just nuts! So, i just ask him, right. You ask you too. If you could just learn one thing at the workshop that might help you to at least close one deal. Would be worth it? Right, of course it would! So people should’t sit back at being naysayers and negative. Learners are earners.

There two kind of sales people. There is winnings and whiners, you decide who you want to be and we see you tomorrow at the workshop.

Thanks guys!

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