The One Thing That Makes The Biggest Difference – Try Harder

It’s not talent. It’s not upbringing or education or resources. It’s none of that stuff that’s going to make the difference between winning and losing. It’s none of that, that’s not gonna separate you guys from your competitors. It’s not that at all, will you try harder?

Way back in 1962, there was a company going through a massive slump where they were struggling. They couldn’t even make a profit and they had to do something. They had to change things up and what they did was, they decided to work hard and in fact that work harder became their goal, their mantra. In fact, they said we try harder. That was their mantra, that was their goal. They decided we need to put in more effort. And that effort is what made all the difference to turn their business around.

We simply need to try harder.

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