When a vendor calls asking “would you be interested in switching to our new service?”, the typical answer is “no thanks, I’m satisfied with my current supplier”. Most sales professionals give up too soon by saying “if things change, please give me a call.” And they think they’ve done their job! Consider asking prospects if […]

The medical leave of absence by Apple co-founder and chief Steve Jobs has a lot of people wondering about the future of Apple. A surge in quarterly profit suggests that Apple would perform well even as Mr. Jobs handed day-to-day operations to chief operating officer Tim Cook. What about the future of your business? What […]

Glenngary Glen Ross is one of my favourite movies. Alec Balwin delivers one of his finest performances as Blake sent from head office to whip the sales reps into shape. During his classic 8-minute ‘pep-talk’, he shares the ABCs of sales: Always Be Closing. There’s some truth to that statement. Here’s something that could help […]

US Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernake said recently that 2011 would be “a better year for small business lending” and noted that “things have stopped getting worse and are getting a little better”. Does Bernake have a crystal ball? Did other “expert” economists predict the financial crisis? The truth is, small businesses drive the economy […]

The wheel keeps turning even when it’s empty. It had been raining steadily all day and after trying our luck at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark, we visited the Singapore Flyer. The tallest observation wheel in the world has a capacity of about 300 pax but on this rainy afternoon it was a ghost town. […]

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