How Good Is Your Negotiation Skill?

If your counterpart asks for a cheaper price, what do you do?

Before meeting to negotiate with a prospect, what do you typically do?

Your counterpart becomes exceedingly angry, stressed or difficult to talk to. How do you approach the situation to ensure you both win at the end of the negotiation?

I know how to effectively counter a counterpart's strategies and tactics.

What do you do when you are in a negotiation and the other party will not give anything away?

What do you do when you are in a negotiation and you don’t understand something?

If a negotiation isn't going your way and you’re worried you won’t achieve your original aim, what can you do?

Which does not help build rapport with your counterpart?

Which negotiation style is the best for ensuring a win-win outcome?

In your opinion, which answer below is a common negotiation mistake?

Negotiation Skills Proficiency Assessment
Master Negotiator

Wow! You really know your stuff. Not only are you strong-willed, but you're also fair, empathetic and willing to listen to counterparts' problems and needs. Overall, you listen well to words but pay attention to subtext and body language to inform your decision making during these critical times. Good job!
Average Negotiator

Wow, you're one step away from greatness! While you can negotiate a good deal favouring your terms, you need to take it to the next level by learning win-win negotiation strategies. Keep up the good work!

Hey, at least you're not a total negotiation newbie! It seems you've got some essential aspects down, but lack the skills needed to study counterparts, mirror body language and determine what other features can add value to your side of the deal. Keep learning, and you'll become a masterful negotiator in no time!
Newbie Negotiator

You have a long way to go before becoming a masterful negotiator. Whether you're new to sales or have been in the industry a while, you treat dollars as the only negotiation point worth caring about. Yet, if you studied counterparts, had to see what they can offer and noticed other features that can add value, you could be on your way to securing easier and faster deals. Don’t give up, you can do it!

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