Making Your Virtual Presentations Memorable

In this chat I had with Spencer Waldron from Prezi Video we talk about what it takes to make your virtual presentations memorable.

4 Elements to Influence What Gets Remembered in a Presentation

When you give a presentation, people are not going to retain everything that you say. And what most of us do is we leave to chance what the prospect actually retains, but by incorporating a few specific elements, you can start to influence what people remember.

1. Visuals

The first element is to help them visualize. Use a visual on the screen that emphasises one of my key messages.

Try to have no more than three key messages that you want somebody to walk away with. But use visuals to emphasis key points.

2. Text

Also put text on the screen, which is almost like underlining in documents important words. Use text to highlight important points you want them to remember.

3. Story

To really get your prospect to remember your presentation include story to highly your 3 key points. Wrap them in a story that touches on their emotions and can help them visualise how your solution will help them.

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4. Repetition

When you use story, text and visuals, and repeat your 3 key messages throughout your presentation, your presentation will be memorable and more importantly they’ll remember the 3 key points you want them to remember.

Some of the presentations that Steve jobs used to do, he used to use rhetorical devices and 3 key points, it was always thinner, faster, lighter.

So remember to influence what people remember from your presentation, use visuals, text, story and repetition.

Watch the full video on Virtual Presentations with Spencer Waldron from Prezi Video here.

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