How To Get A Lamborghini – Message To My Son On His Birthday

Message to my Lamborghini obsessed son on his 6th birthday. What advice do you give your kids? 

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Today is my son, Williams sixth birthday. And we got him this Lamborghini birthday cake and he’s been wanting a Lamborghini for months now which for a six-year-old it is like forever. And when we showed him the cake, we just made it really clear to him if you want a real Lamborghini, you’re gonna have to work really hard and it’s not that easy. You’re going have to work hard and you’re gonna have to learn a lot. You’re going have to go to school, listen to all your teachers and then you’re going have to learn outside of school from successful people who actually make enough money to buy Lamborghinis.

You got to surround yourself with really smart people and learn and work hard but that alone isn’t even enough to make enough money to buy a real Lamborghini. You’ll probably have to build a business. Create something brand-new that the world has never seen before or he’s gonna have to reinvent something and make it bigger, better, faster, stronger, more efficient than ever before. He’s going have to create something new, better and different through business.

He’s gonna have to work really, really hard to do get a real Lamborghini. But even that’s not enough. This is like a pep talk for my kid. He’s 8, I said even that’s not enough. You could have the best product in the world, the best idea but the world is full of smart people with great ideas that never did anything. I told him, you’re going have to work really hard and you’re gonna have to be persistent and tough and to never give up. You’re going need this grit, this perseverance, this persistence to just keep going even when times are tough. To never quit and to never give up.

I told him and this is the final part. When you’ve made enough money to buy a real Lamborghini, you’ve got to make sure, you do a couple of things. Number one pay cash for it, don’t use debt for a car. Pay cash for it so only buy when you can afford it cash. Also, you want to give back to the community. Make sure that you’re actually you know contributing to a charity or the greater good, helping people out. And then most importantly if you buy a Lamborghini, make sure that you can buy it one more. Happy birthday buddy.

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