How To Build A High-Performing Sales Team

Attitude and mindset go a long way when building a high-performing team.

When the attitude and potential are there… but the results aren’t YET… train them, teach them, mentor them.

If the right attitude isn’t there… you know what to do…

Here’s an excerpt from the Q&A of a virtual keynote I did recently. An audience member asked me how to manage underperforming staff.

Here’s my response.

On any team you’re always going to have people that are producing well and then some that are not producing. That’s very very common. You’re always going to have a situation like that. Your number one job is to look at, okay, I need to keep supporting the top producers and because those top producers, don’t need much help, you give them a little bit and they do a lot because they’re so talented, they’re so skilled.

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Some of the lower producers they need a bit more help and it’s a bit harder. So your number one job is to realise do they have potential? If they have the potential and they have the right attitude, well then you can teach them, coach them and give them the aptitude.

But if they don’t have the right attitude and you don’t think they have the potential you got to let them go. You’re building a team and you want to have the best people on your team so make sure that you’re seeking out what are the qualities you’re looking for, for contributors on your team and start attracting those people, it’s not just the skill set, it’s the mindset.

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