Tom Abbott, Managing Director and Elaine Brindamour, Director of Operations at SOCO Sales Training sat down with Glenn van Zutphen from Money FM 89.3 to discuss how they balance being entrepreneurs and raising two boys together in the 6 October episode of Weekend Mornings: Power Couples.

In this episode they cover

  • The state of sales training in Asia
  • What most sales teams are lacking
  • How they juggle being entrepreneurs and parents
  • How they teach their kids about entrepreneurship
  • How they maximise their time with their kids

Author Profile

Tom Abbott
Tom Abbott is the author of 'The SOHO Solution' and 'Social Selling' and the creator of the online sales training platform SOCO Academy. Sales leaders engage Tom for his proven solutions to building high performance sales teams that exceed targets and for motivational keynotes that energise their audiences.

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