Sales Articles

Making compelling demonstrations of how your product can help prospects overcome their challenges by effectively using proof devices. The sales demonstration is a time-proven strategy that strengthens the presentation by attracting the prospect’s attention, stimulating interest, and creating desire. Few do it better than those working in home improvement. Several years ago, I attended a […]

It happened twice that week. I received calls from two very different organizations (one providing surgical devices to hospitals and the other offering IT solutions to SMEs) looking for help building a sales culture. My response was very much the same, “You already have a sales culture.” After a short pause on the telephone, I […]

Without a clear sales roadmap, you risk losing your prospects due to skipping vital steps in the sales process. Do you know what actions you or your prospect must take to close a sale? Do you know where along your sales roadmap your current prospects are? To develop a sales roadmap customised for your business, […]

Identify the top-3 ways of consistently reaching a large number of your ideal target customer, is the first step in prospecting. After having done your niche-detecting and identifying your ideal target customer it naturally becomes easier to develop a strategy to reach them. Success in prospecting requires a systematic process of locating potential customers which […]

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